This is the home of David Orchard and family. This site suffered under the textdrive total outage from 2009 on and has now finally been reactivated in May 2014. The blog has been restarted after it was lost in berkeley db land and only tediouos manual recovery is possible and in progress. This site is built with love on the awesome harp platform.


Dave is CTO at, previously Mobile Architect at, web standards tech lead at BEA Systems, Chief Architect at Jamcracker and IBM, and various sundry other places. He is a life long technologist starting with 6502 assembler and basic in 1982. He is interested in senior development positions in mobile, social, enterprise applications. He has done full stack development with java, node, rails, scala, backbone, angular, bootstrap, objective-c, and android, and a wealth of experience in apis and distributed and data-driven systems. Linkedin is the best place for professional information. You can find a history of specifications and articles that he's authored or co-authored, though mostly fairly far back in time. A resume is available.


Photos are being published to Flickr, which has a cool Photo sets feature.

We're interested in Wines, coffee shops, and Restaurants with reviews. We've also authored a Visitor's guide to Vancouver.

Dave has switched from running to biking, and you can find him on Strava. As a hockey addict, Dave was the Dallas GM in the FHL. Pre-kids, he used to play ulti and regularly do the Grind on Grouse mountain.