Welcome to Orchard's World

This is the home of Dave, Deanna, Bryce and Gwen Orchard. You can reach Dave at orchard at pacificspirit dot com and Deanna at dwarner at pacificspirit dot com.


Dave works at BEA Systems as a Standards architect, representing BEA on W3C, WS-I and other standards. He's currently an elected representative of the W3C TAG.  You can find a history of specifications and articles that he's authored or co-authored. A resume is available.


Photos are being published to Flickr, which has a cool Photo sets feature and a pre-existing photo dir.

We're interested in Wines, coffee shops, and Restaurants with reviews. We've also authored a Visitor's guide to Vancouver.

As a hockey addict, Dave is the Dallas GM in the FHL. Pre-kids, he used to play ulti and regularly do the Grind on Grouse mountain.