Restaurants and Bars in New Orleans

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NOLA - Emeril's restaurant. If I could only visit one restaurant in nola, this is it. 4/4. $$$$Apri 2005.

Stella! Best wine list I found in Nola. Oysters were wonderful. 4/4. $$$$. April 2004, 2005

K-Pauls. Wonderful fried green tomatoes. 4/4. $$$. Apr 2004.

Palace Market. Good but not great. Wine list was a little less than desirable. 3/4. $$$$. Apr 2004.

Antoine's. Underwhelming. Felt like a restaurant that is trading on reputation. For the price, not worth it. 2/4. $$$. Apr 2005

To Try

Commander's Palace. I heard wonderful things but couldn't get in.